Mirabella-Finch Sculpture Studio
Roger Finch
Roger Finch
My sculptures are inspired by my love of machinery. I am particularly interested in shapes that are dictated by function and then modified to incorporate traditional esthetics.

Early designs of machinery were plain and strictly functional, but by the mid 1800's, designers started looking to the past. They began using Gothic arches and Greek columns for support members. Even engine houses were designed with cathedrals in mind.

I work in both cast and fabricated metal. Many of my materials are obtained from scrap yards or have been discarded. The reason for using scrap is both practical and philosophical. I appreciate the societal need to recycle materials, but I am also fascinated with the re-contextualizing of discarded objects, and in the new life they assume.

We live in a world of mass production. Objects, which would have in generations past been revered as miracles, are merely thrown away when their intended purpose no longer suits us.

It is my desire to hold on to that sense of wonder for these artifacts that we give so little thought to. It is my hope that the viewer will see in these new forms, some small part of my fascination with the industrial age and the beauty of it's over-looked forms.

Double Lantern Racer ©Roger Finch Rain Dance ©Roger Finch Sundance ©Roger Finch
The Orator ©Roger Finch Dial #16 ©Roger Finch The Woman Who Walked ©Roger Finch
Yellow Spiral ©Roger Finch Square One ©Roger Finch Starwave Racer ©Roger Finch
Single Lantern Racer ©Roger Finch Tropical Dream ©Roger Finch Earth and Sky ©Roger Finch
Cosmic Communicator ©Roger Finch Hard Drive Governor ©Roger Finch Dial #10 ©Roger Finch
Green Stator ©Roger Finch Dial #5 ©Roger Finch Dial #11 ©Roger Finch
Dial #16 ©Roger Finch Beau Brummell ©Roger Finch Lady in Waiting ©Roger Finch
Triple Flyball Governed Slinky┬« ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 01 ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 02 ©Roger Finch
Bottle Tree 04 ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 03 ©Roger Finch Table-11 ©Roger Finch
Table-09 ©Roger Finch Dial #7 ©Roger Finch Watson-Brown Sundial ©Roger Finch
Newel Posts ©Roger Finch Corbel Restoration ©Roger Finch Dial-13 ©Roger Finch
Table-08 ©Roger Finch After F.L.W. ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 05 ©Roger Finch
Bottle Tree 06 ©Roger Finch Reuleaux Triangle ©Roger Finch Sutherland Mill Fly Ball Governor ©Roger Finch
Honest Weight ©Roger Finch Reuleaux Du-Angle ©Roger Finch New Bloom ©Roger Finch
Rock Gate ©Roger Finch Moon Gate ©Roger Finch Corkscrew Willow Root ©Roger Finch
Pomme de Terre ©Roger Finch