Mirabella-Finch Sculpture Studio
Thank you for your interest in my sculptures and architectural reproduction services.

Please feel free to contact me regarding a purchase or commission.

City, ST: ,
Double Lantern Racer ©Roger Finch Rain Dance ©Roger Finch Sundance ©Roger Finch
The Orator ©Roger Finch Dial #16 ©Roger Finch The Woman Who Walked ©Roger Finch
Yellow Spiral ©Roger Finch Square One ©Roger Finch Starwave Racer ©Roger Finch
Single Lantern Racer ©Roger Finch Tropical Dream ©Roger Finch Earth and Sky ©Roger Finch
Cosmic Communicator ©Roger Finch Hard Drive Governor ©Roger Finch Dial #10 ©Roger Finch
Green Stator ©Roger Finch Dial #5 ©Roger Finch Dial #11 ©Roger Finch
Dial #16 ©Roger Finch Beau Brummell ©Roger Finch Lady in Waiting ©Roger Finch
Triple Flyball Governed Slinky┬« ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 01 ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 02 ©Roger Finch
Bottle Tree 04 ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 03 ©Roger Finch Table-11 ©Roger Finch
Table-09 ©Roger Finch Dial #7 ©Roger Finch Watson-Brown Sundial ©Roger Finch
Newel Posts ©Roger Finch Corbel Restoration ©Roger Finch Dial-13 ©Roger Finch
Table-08 ©Roger Finch After F.L.W. ©Roger Finch Bottle Tree 05 ©Roger Finch
Bottle Tree 06 ©Roger Finch Reuleaux Triangle ©Roger Finch Sutherland Mill Fly Ball Governor ©Roger Finch
Honest Weight ©Roger Finch Reuleaux Du-Angle ©Roger Finch New Bloom ©Roger Finch
Rock Gate ©Roger Finch Moon Gate ©Roger Finch Corkscrew Willow Root ©Roger Finch
Pomme de Terre ©Roger Finch